Welcome Note

Thank you for visiting the Gallery which opened on the 20th August 2009.

The Gallery has been an ambition for some time. The photos chosen, come from a wide range of stock photos, but are representative of the character or culture of the places or wildlife visited.

All photographers need the support of friends and colleagues and I would like to thank all those who helped this Gallery to be possible with their encouragement. It includes people who have shown me their country, guided me to books and information on known and unknown photo sites and to those who patiently wait while the photos are taken and those who are always willing to see more photos and give feedback.

Enjoy the gallery and browsing the pictures. Please look in from time to time. New developments will have a quick write-up on this page and photos will be changed and new ones added as we go along.
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November 2016 - New e-Exhibition now open!
A new e-Exhibition 22: Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand is now open. This is the first of three e-Exhibitions on the South Island, New Zealand. We hope that you will take a tour of this collection of photos and they will inspire you to visit one day.

Our thoughts are with New Zealand after the recent earthquakes and hope that they will recover from these soon.
August 2016 - Donations
This year in memory of 'worldwidecon' on his birthday we have donated funds in his memory to UNICEF and the British Red Cross.

Both organisations are doing extraordinary work in helping vunerable children particularly in Syria and they deserve great praise for trying to make the world a better place for now and for future generations.
August 2016
Wow! The gallery has just reached another milestone with over 750,000 views. Thank you so much !

The third London Walk Gallery is now open and in this one we are presenting the photos as digital sketches. Hope you get a sense of the sights, sounds and aromas of the famous Borough Market in Southwark.
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July 2016
Summer is here so we are wishing you sunshine or cool whichever you prefer !

The e-Exhibition of spectacular sea storms photos from Gozo has now closed but if you missed them you will find they are now available within the main Gozo Gallery on this site.

We are just back from the Outer Hebrides in the Scottish Highlands and have some wonderful photos to share with you. So our 21st e-Exhibition: The Outer Hebrides is now open. If you are wondering if the sea really is that clear and that turquoise the answer is yes.

Many thanks for all your continued support.
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April 2016
Spring has arrived with blue skies, lots of opportunity to get out and enjoy the changing seasons and of course take many new photos!.

We are now pleased to launch a new collection called "The London Series". It is a picture diary of walks through some of the lesser known paths and neighbourhoods of London and therefore a chance to see what London has to offer outside of the more obvious tourist sites. This first in the series is available now, the rest will continue throughout 2016/2017 along with our usual e-Exhibitions as we travel to wider destinations.

The Gallery now has over 687,000 views so thank you to everyone. We hope we will continue to give you new and interesting photos and art to keep you intrigued!

Wishing you blue skies and a healthy and happy Spring season.
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August 2015
Summer is in full swing here and we hope that you are enjoying your holidays wherever they might be.

You will see that we have made the 2015 charity donations in memory of 'worldwidecon' and this year we have chosen three charities which are Medicines Sans Frontieres, Lumos and Inspire. More details on these charities are available from the donations page.

We are also expanding the choice of photos and artwork available for sale on the Fine Art websites across the world. The easiest links to see what photos and art is available and in which products is to click on the links provided on the Shop and Links page of this gallery. Also, just in case you don't see the prices in the currency you want there is an option at the bottom of all Fine Art web pages which allows you to change the currency to the one you want.

Finally, we have been experimenting with Fractal art which produces some amazing designs and art pieces. As they are completed they are being added to the Digital Art Gallery, we hope you have as much fun looking at them as we have in creating them !

Many thanks for all your support.
July 2015
We are pleased to announce that have we linked up with the Fine Art network to sell photos and photo products from this website available in local currencies and with worldwide delivery. The photos are available for sale as prints, framed prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags and phone cover cases.

The Fine Art network includes our photos on the following websites -

Fine Art - America, Europe, Australia, England, North America, International and Germany

If you would like to see what is available then please go to the 'Shop & Links' page of this website and click on your chosen website. This will bring you directly to our photos and products for sale.

We will be expanding the collection available over the coming weeks. If there is a photo on our Gallery that you would like to consider buying and it is not yet available on Fine Art please just send us an email and we will upload it for you.
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June 2015
Thank you to everyone who helped us achieved over 530,000 views of the Gallery online. In return we are currently marking this occasion together with the sixth anniversary of the Gallery with a further donation and we will be putting the news on this up on the donations page shortly.

We are pleased that 'The Times of Malta' chose one of our photos recently on their Editorial choice last month.

As a regular Featured and Showcase artist on our previous Stock Gallery site which unfortunately closed we are now finalising a new source for the sale of photos and artwork from the Gallery.

Don't forget that the Gozo Gallery is expanding with new additions monthly throughout the year so you can join in and see what island life looks like throughout the seasons.
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NEWS SUMMARY - August 2009 - July 2012
The Gallery opened on the 20th August 2009.

Archived news items are available behind this link.

September 2009: New Photo Galleries opened.
October2009: The first in a series of e-Exhibitions opened. e- Exhibition 1 : A Glimpse of Oman.
December 2009 : e-Exhibition 2 : Berlin: Celebrations on 20th Anniversary of the falling of the Wall.
January 2010: e-Exhibition 3: Cambodia – Temples of Siem Reap
April/July2010 e-Exhibition 4: Sri Lanka: Temples of Southern Sri Lanka
September 2010: e-Exhibition 5: Vietnam: The Streets of Hanoi
January 2011: e-Exhibition 6: Stockholm Harbour, Sweden
April 2011/September 2011: e-Exhibition 7: Venice Carnival, Italy
October 2011/January 2012: e-Exhibition 8: Easter Good Friday on Gozo Island,Malta
February 2012/April 2012: e-Exhbition 9: Ravello and The Amalfi Coast
April 2012/July 2012: e-Exhibition 10: The West Coast of Ireland
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NEWS SUMMARY - August 2012 - October 2016
Aug 2012/ November 2012: e-Exhibition 11: The Northern Scottish Highlands
Dec 2012/June 2013 - e-Exhibition 12: Southern Brasil
July 2013/October: 2013: e-Exhibition 13: Beijing and The Forbidden City, China
November 2013/April 2014: e-Exhibition 14: Hong Kong Island
May 2014/July 2014: e-Exhibition 15: Dubrovnik, Croatia
August 2014/November 2014: e-Exhibition 16: The Northern Scottish Highlands
December 2014/March 2015: e-Exhibition 17: South Island, New Zealand
April 2015/July 2015: e-Exhibition 18: Snowdonia National Park
August 2015/December 2015: e-Exhibition 19: Baden Baden, Germany
January 2016/July 2016: e-Exhibition 20: Sea Storms, Gozo
August 2016/December 2016: e-Exhibition 21: Outer Hebrides, Scotland
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