Welcome Note

Thank you for visiting the Gallery which opened on the 20th August 2009.

The Gallery has been an ambition for some time. The photos chosen, come from a wide range of stock photos, but are representative of the character or culture of the places or wildlife visited.

The photographer is currrently full time devoted to providing the best quality photos for enjoyment and for use. My current location is in Europe.

All photographers need the support of friends and colleagues and I would like to thank all those who helped this Gallery to be possible with their encouragement. It includes people who have shown me their country, guided me to books and information on known and unknown photo sites and to those who patiently wait while the photos are taken and those who are always willing to see more photos and give feedback.

Enjoy the gallery and browsing the pictures. Please look in from time to time. New developments will have a quick write-up on this page and photos will be changed and new ones added as we go along.