Welcome to the White Stork Gallery.

The Gallery was opened on the 20th August, 2009.

The photos in this gallery are an interpretation of the culture and/or character of the object, person or country visited. We believe that culture and character are the most unique elements of what we see and experience around us every day.

This gallery is non-profit making. Our ambition is to be available to support community projects in memory of 'worldwidecon'. All profits are re-invested in community and charitable causes.

The Gallery is a long term commitment and we will continue to keep developing it's galleries and services. So feel free to check in from time to time.

You can contact us by e-mail from this site, or if you wish to leave a message in the guestbook we will publish it for you on our Guestbook page.

Many thanks for visiting the whitestorkgallery.com, you are all very welcome. Enjoy !