This gallery is non-profit making and our ambition has always been to donate income from this gallery and other sources to support community projects in memory of 'worldwidecon'.


On the eight anniversary of the launch of the White Stork Gallery and to celebrate 'Worldwidecon' we have made a special donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee ('DEC'),East Africa Crisis Appeal. Hopefully it will help to alleviate to some extent the terrible suffering so many people young and old continue to suffer in this part of our world.


This year in memory of 'worldwidecon' on his birthday we have donated funds in his memory to UNICEF and the British Red Cross.

Both organisations are doing extraordinary work in helping vunerable children particularly in Syria and they deserve great praise for trying to make the world a better place for now and for future generations.


In memory of 'worldwidecon' on his birthday we have donated funds to the following organisations:

'Medicines Sans Frontieres' who do such great work saving lives across the world and in particular helping the thousands of people young and old trying to escape from terror and fear to start a new life in a safer environment.

'Lumos' who are trying to help millions of children in institutions worldwide regain their right to a family life and to end the institutionalisation of children.

'Inspire' a small charity based in the Maltese islands dedicated to providing a range of programmes and services to children and adults with disability so that each can achieve their fullest potential every day of their lives.


Today the 20th August 2014 we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of this White Stork Gallery and the birthday of 'worldwidecon'. We have chosen to mark this special event with a donation to the Red Cross who work in the UK and internationally.


For this year 2013 in honour of 'worldwidecon's' 30th birthday we have chosen the following two charities in the UK :

NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Kids Company (who work with vulnerable and under privileged inner city children)

We are also committed to making an annual donation on the 20th August each year to charities that are children focused. For the children of the world are the future and each of them should have an equal opportunity to be " whatever they want to be ".

Going forward donations will continue to be focused on charities in the UK who are working with children who are vulnerable, at risk or who need support.

'Worldwidecon' lives on today through this gallery and other initiatives and will continue to support the improvement of the lives of vulnerable children throughout the UK or wherever they may be.

Thank you for your support.