NEWS SUMMARY - August 2009 - July 2012

The Gallery opened on the 20th August 2009.

September 2009: New Photo Galleries opened.
October2009: The first in a series of e-Exhibitions opened. e- Exhibition 1 : A Glimpse of Oman.
November 2009 : 2010 calendars on sale and a competition for visitors to the gallery.
December 2009 : e-Exhibition 2 : Berlin: Celebrations on 20th Anniversary of the falling of the Wall.
January 2010: e-Exhibition 3: Cambodia: Temples of Siem Reap
March 2010/April 2010: Photo Competition.
April/July2010 e-Exhibition 4: Sri Lanka: Temples of Southern Sri Lanka
September 2010: e-Exhibition 5: Vietnam: The Streets of Hanoi
October 2010: Gallery moves from Poland to Ireland
November 2010: New range of Products and Posters available through Clownfish website.
December 2011: Photos from the website chosen as 'Favourites' on Clownfish webiste.
January 2011: e-Exhibition 6: Stockholm Harbour, Sweden
Feb/March 2011: New selection of photos chosen as 'Favourites' on Clownfish webiste.
April 2011/September2011: e-Exhibition 7: Venice Carnival, Italy
October 2011/January 2012: e-Exhbition 8: Easter Good Friday on Gozo Island,Malta
February 2012/April 2012: e-Exhibition 9: Ravello and The Amalfi Coast
April 2012/July 2012: e-Exhibition 10: The West Coast of Ireland