June 2015

Thank you to everyone over the last two months who have now helped us achieved over 530,000 views of the Gallery online. In return we are currently marking this occasion together with the sixth anniversary of the Gallery with a further donation and we will be putting the news on this up on the donations page shortly.

We are pleased that 'The Times of Malta' chose one of our photos recently on their Editorial choice last month.

As a regular Featured and Showcase artist on our previous Stock Gallery site which unfortunately closed we are now finalising a new source for the sale of photos and artwork from the Gallery and expect that we will be able to provide you with a link in the next week.

Don't forget that the Gozo Gallery is expanding with new additions monthly throughout the year so you can join in and see what island life looks like throughout the seasons and maybe put it on your destination list. It may be a small island but it is packed with a lot of beautiful history, scenery and activities.