August 2015

Summer is in full swing here and we hope that you are enjoying your holidays wherever they might be.

You will see that we have made the 2015 charity donations in memory of 'worldwidecon' and this year we have chosen three charities which are Medicines Sans Frontieres, Lumos and Inspire. More details on these charities are available from the donations page.

We are also expanding the choice of photos and artwork available for sale on the Fine Art websites across the world. The easiest links to see what photos and art is available and in which products is to click on the links provided on the Shop and Links page of this gallery. Also, just in case you don't see the prices in the currency you want there is an option at the bottom of all Fine Art web pages which allows you to change the currency to the one you want.

Finally, we have been experimenting with Fractal art which produces some amazing designs and art pieces. As they are completed they are being added to the Digital Art Gallery, we hope you have as much fun looking at them as we have in creating them !

Many thanks for all your support.